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Nestmedic was established in July 2014 to carry out the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of an technologically innovative, unique telemedical mobile solution for remote testing of fetal health applying cardiotocographic (CTG) examination in conjunction with a telemedical platform. After the completion of the research and development stage completed with a CE certification and commencement of sales activities, the Company will be the only one in the Polish market and one of the few in the world market supplier of a comprehensive offer: own professional mobile medical product (teleCTG) and remote service analysis of CTG records by qualified medical personnel working in the Telemedical Monitoring Center (MCT) via telemedical platform. After entering the domestic market and the achievement of an appropriate scale that would guarantee a high level of reliability of services offered, the Company plans to expand into the most attractive European and world markets.

The initiator of the project is Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, PhD – involved in the scientific medical community, focusing on the subject of non-invasive diagnostic and pioneering diagnostic methods and testing of medical devices.

The Company assumes use a system of medical algorithms and, ultimately, self-learning systems, which will support the work of doctors, midwives and help prioritize the analysis of the tests performed. The system will allow the creation of a database, which in the future could significantly assist diagnosis telemedical.

Creating intuitive applications for medical device provides ease of use in the home by pregnant women outside the maternity ward.

The product attracted great interest and trust of the medical community in Poland. In addition the Company has established cooperation with Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden an der Technischen Universität Dresden (University Clinic in Dresden) where the tests of TeleCTG devices will be carried out.

The project received a document confirming the proposed technological innovation issued by the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, University of Medical Sciences. Wroclaw Medical University. Innovation of the project on a global scale has been confirmed by the prestigious MIT Technology Review magazine, which gave Patrycja Wizińska – Socha honorary title “Innovator Under 35 in Poland” and the special award “Innovator of the Year 2016”. The PREGNABIT was also chosen the most innovative telemedical product at the prestigious International Medical Fair WIHE 2016 category Telemedical.

PREGNABIT consists of a medical device (teleCTG) allowing for a fair and safe collection of medical data using certified probes and the platform on which CTG monitoring data is being analyzed by specialized medical personnel. Applied telemedical solution is defining the modern trend of high priority diagnosis and prevention in perinatal care. Exceptional accuracy of the generated test results and ease of use allows extensive use of PREGNABIT as commercial solution directed towards medical professionals.

An efficient business model based on the creation and marketing of the PREGNABIT solution, and specially developed system of sales services and support the use of solutions based on on-line analysis of the CTG records will provide a durable and high profitability of the Company following reaching the break-even point of its operations. The project meets the new development trends of the provision of medical care and makes it possible to care for pregnant women as part of telemedical services, which would also have the effect of increasing the efficiency of  gynecological-obstetric and midwifery practice having a positive impact on their earnings.

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