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On 12th May, Warsaw’s Marriott hotel hosted the first Poland’s based international conference M&A WORLDWIDE ACQUISITION AND INVESTMENT FORUM, co-organized by Capital One Advisers.


Nearly 150 representatives of firms and organizations attended the conference, including 50 M&A experts from almost 40 countries. Participants were discussing global M&A trends and key aspects of cross-border transactions.

During panel discussion, investment bankers, Polish and foreign investors as well as industry experts focused on:

  • Global M&A trends,
  • Effective realization of cross-border corporate acquisition,
  • Key success indicators in M&A transactions – main subtopics were: corporate valuation topic and aspects of due diligence process,
  • M&A best practices
  • Importance of cultural aspects during integration process, after transaction completion and influence of these factors on this process.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a country, where acquisition processes do not happen. Taking into account only companies affiliated within M&A Worldwide Network, in 2015, 423 transactions took place, of cumulative value of 3 billion USD. The scale of these projects undoubtedly shows multitude of transactions involving mergers, acquisitions or sale of corporation. Number of M&A projects rises due to constantly improving economic conditions and competitive sources of funding. Moreover, transactions are propelled by search for synergies which may enable cost reductions and aiming to achieve high productivity during consolidation process – said Anna Domeradzka, managing partner and deputy chairman of Capital One Advisers.

During conference, participants agreed that cross-border transactions are important prospect for current M&A market. This thesis was presented and supported by successful stories of particular corporations.

Crucial aspects of successful transactions are: maintaining business continuity, finding and effective usage of synergies, retention of current clients but most importantly keeping key people, their skills and knowledge. During our transactions, we were not able to sustain potential loss of clients or staff – said Tomasz Hanczarek, vice president of the supervisory board of Work Service corporation.

Work Service corporation can be regarded as a perfect image of currently dominant trend in the market. Polish corporations are currently more eager to involve in transactions in mature foreign markets, than they were before. We know from our experience, that Polish companies do not only enter eastern market, but they actively seek opportunities in Western Europe. During their transaction processes they show determination, which enables them to create value in short-term periods – says Grzegorz Piechowiak, managing partner of JP Weber, co-organizer of the conference.

The biggest and most interesting discussion was related to cultural aspects of transactions, which are invariably significant for cross-border transactions. Current cooperation with foreign investors shows how vulnerable this factor is for every organization and how national identity influences and defines behaviors within organizations – emphasizes Tobiasz Adam Kowalczyk, Head of Legal & Compliance, Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing LLC.