Bank Debt Advisory

Acquisition of debt financing is a process that benefits greatly from the involvement of a financial advisor. These benefits include the presentation of a company’s business and planned investment project in a way that is objective and complies with banks’ analytical standards. A company using an advisor gains credibility and is able to conduct faster negotiations and achieve more favorable financing conditions.

”Excellent contact with Capital One Advisers and the impeccable manners of their representatives were for us the most important criterion for choosing a partner. For us, these qualities were essential when negotiation with representatives of banks and other financial institutions. Without a doubt the advisers’ direct involvement with our business led to positive outcomes for us.”
CFO, Polpak-Karton Sp. z o.o

In many cases an adviser’s assistance in obtaining bank debt is related to the acquisition of another company or a planned investment in a production facility and machinery. This debt is then used as leverage, facilitating a better return on an investment . Often, additional working capital is also required, or a company’s existing debt needs to be refinanced.

Obtaining bank financing is a complex process, which must comply with a company’s current operations, its development and investment plans. Our years of experience working closely with banks enable us to represent our clients and their proposed projects efficiently and in a manner fully consistent with bank expectations, presenting the best case for financing. Our expertise will result in banks taking a more serious interest in a client’s project, thus improving the flexibility and the time-scale of the whole process.

Professional, comprehensive and independent

Our assistance during the process of obtaining bank debt guarantees the smoothest preparation for external analysis and other documentation required by banks. When working with clients, we always offer a thorough initial analysis of their plans and financial needs in order to define the best form and terms of financing. We work closely with our clients in the preparation of the necessary analytical and presentation materials and documents (such as financial models and forecasts, business plans and loan applications). Following this, we prepare a strategy for the debt acquisition. Our role is to identify potential bank financing and meet with them in order to gauge their interest, and then to receive offers on behalf of our clients. Offers are evaluated for optimal financing conditions, including cost minimisation and the financial and operational safety of the client.

We develop solutions to the numerous queries bank analysts may have, and then support our clients in negotiating terms and conditions with a chosen institution until an optimal contract is signed. Our independence guarantees there is no conflict of interest arising from the relationship of the adviser with other financial or banking groups.

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