Capital Consulting

The implementation of a deeply thought out business development strategy supported by an in-depth financial model has a huge impact on the smooth functioning of a company. It will increase competitiveness and create value for the business. Choosing the right path is more than half the battle.

Working with us guarantees you the best range of solutions offered by the capital market. We develop strategic analyses, create financing strategies and define value drivers. We also prepare future and current valuations of companies.

”We were impressed by the high standard that Capital One Advisers maintained throughout the implementation of the project we entrusted to them. We were equally impressed by the level of professionalism and availability of our adviser and the quality of the documentation they prepared. Capital One Advisers always delivered on time.”
CEO, Allcon S.A.

Capital Consulting: We create fundamental value for the company

Strategic and financial analysis is essential for the implementation of a capital transaction. We offer analysis of the economic and financial standing of a company, which provides a clear view of the financial effectiveness of its business model. This process will verify a company’s business plan, indicate if there is a need to raise additional capital and assess its capability of obtaining such funding.

The aim of a strategic analysis is to examine the level to which a company’s capital, assets and human resources are utilized, and to diagnose its ability to successfully operate in a complex and dynamic market environment.

Financial models prepared by our analytical team present detailed and multi–variant projections of a company’s financial results in relation to all key aspects of its business. With such detailed projections we are able to recommend to a company’s management and owners an optimum growth scenario and strategies for raising external funds.

We conduct the valuation of a company. This is useful in various contexts: the acquisition or sale of a company, public or private offerings of shares, listing on a selected stock exchange, evaluation of debt capacity, and also in taking other strategic decisions regarding future operations. From experience we know that there is no universal valuation method that can be applied in one standard way to all forms of business operation and its related risks. These factors will always influence a company value in their own unique way. Therefore, when selecting a valuation method we take into account such elements as: the stage of a company’s corporate life cycle, the scale and area of its operations, the level of control exerted by various stakeholders, the liquidity of shares and potential synergies that can be achieved by a prospective strategic investor.

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