Company Valuation

Company valuation may serve various purposes, including trade sale or acquisition transactions, public and private equity offerings, solvency evaluation or undertaking strategic ownership decisions by controlling owners.

Various company valuation methods are used on the market, which fall into three categories: income methods – based on the company’s ability to generate income in the future; comparative methods, using i.a. stock multiples; asset valuation methods, based on evaluation of the company’s assets.

Practice shows that there is no single universal method of company valuation that would address every variant of a company’s situation as well as future development and associated risks.
That is why in our process of company valuation we take into consideration factors such as company development stage and size, the industry in which the company operates, ownership structure, stock liquidity and the potential synergy effects that a strategic investor can gain through acquisition. On these premises we build a company valuation with several complementary methods, thus assessing a range of values which serves as a starting point for the subsequent negotiation process.

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