Corporate Bonds/Catalyst

A bond issue may be one of the most beneficial forms of financing for the development of your company.

If you are considering financing your business in this way, we encourage you to examine its feasibility with our assistance. In many cases, debt financing turns out to be the best financing option.

”Capital One Advisers prepared an in-depth analysis of companies that decided to diversify sources of financing by issuing bonds. Capital One Advisers provided support by preparing a detailed financial forecast and optimized financing conditions. Issuers were not public companies, but thanks to Capital One Advisers works their bonds were acquired by leading investment funds. Issuing bonds allowed our clients to significantly accelerate their development. The funds raised allowed for financing both investments and working capital.”
CEO, Capital One Advisers Sp. z o.o.

There are a number of debt security instruments a company can select, and it is important to decide on a type most suitable for its business model and financial performance. For instance, revolving short term debt within a mid-term bond issue program makes it possible to achieve short term interest rates on mid-term debt financing and also enables a company to repay a debt at any time, depending on its liquidity. An exchangeable bonds program may increase the chance for raising financing in situations when no debt security is available.

Maintaining control

We are able to objectively assess the financial needs of an enterprise and its ability to issue debt securities. Our advice allows our Client to gain external investors without any changes to the shareholding structure. Our involvement in preparatory work significantly reduces the Company Board’s workload when planning a bond issue. We provide comprehensive financial and organizational advisory services, and also coordinate and oversee the whole process. We provide advice on defining the terms of an issue, and also in establishing contacts with relevant financial institutions. Then we negotiate the specific terms of a bond issue and organize the placement.

As an Authorized Adviser on Catalyst, we also carry out the full procedure of introducing bonds to the alternative Catalyst market on behalf of our Clients. This has a positive influence on the liquidity and market attractiveness of debt securities offered with our assistance, which is especially relevant for non-public companies.

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