IPO/Warsaw Stock Exchange

Launching on the regulated market – the Warsaw Stock Exchange – is a step for fundamentally strong companies with significant scale and an established market position. Cooperation with a financial adviser will help to identify the genuine value drivers of the issuer and build the investment story necessary for an effective IPO. An IPO significantly simplifies further raising of capital. It opens the way for new possibilities of share offerings as well as issues of corporate bonds.

Equity capital – a wealth of benefits

Acquiring equity financing from the public market, particularly through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), brings with it, aside from new funds, a number of other, non-financial benefits, such as an increase in company brand recognition on the capital market. As a result, the field of alternative sources of financing is significantly expanding, and access to them is becoming much easier. Other benefits include marketing and branding benefits that result from the increased prestige of the company and its recognition in the market environment, especially among suppliers and customers.

The step preceding an IPO is sometimes a non-public offer (Pre-IPO), addressed to a defined group of passive financial investors, individual and institutional, who operate on the stock market. This Pre-IPO assumes that the issuer’s shares will be introduced on the Warsaw Stock Exchange within a few years. This share issue is a source of bridge equity financing and requires the company to go public within a certain period of time.

What is our role?

As your financial adviser during the process of preparing a company to enter the regulated market and raise funds through a public offering, we will assess the condition of the company in relation to its potential fund-raising through a public offering, evaluate market conditions associated with the planned IPO, and define the ownership strategy in the context of the planned IPO. We apply the same principles in preparing the implementation of secondary offerings on the stock market. In cooperation with the Board and owners, we prepare a coherent and effective strategy for raising capital from the public market, and indicate risks connected with the activity of the company that may influence the efficient issuance of shares. Our role is also to define possible preparatory work preceding a public offering.

We work together with the Board of the issuer to develop an investment story for future investors. Relying on the mutually developed financial model and forecast, we define the issuer’s valuation, equity raising abilities and the assumed post-issue capital structure. We actively support Clients in the selection of an optimal group of IPO advisers, such as a brokerage house, a law firm or an investor relations agency.

In the phase closely preceding the public offering, acting in the best interest of our Client in relation with the brokerage house that fulfills the formal role of an offering agent, we advise on defining the expected offering price range, size and structure of an offering, and assist in strict scheduling of the entire process. We play a leading role in the preparation of an issue prospectus, support the placement among institutional investors, and play an essential role in the organization of the process until the commencement of a company listing on the WSE.

The process of entering the stock market is a multistage and complex one. We guarantee that its preparation is reliable and efficient, and that, in the best interests of our Client, the process is effective in its organization and execution. We take the tedious work concerning the organization and supervision of the implementation of an IPO out of the hands of the Board of an issuer, and during the whole process we provide independent assessment and comprehensive support.

The tasks of Capital One Advisers in the preparation of a company’s private placement in the Pre-IPO stage include a detailed analysis of the issuer, preparation of information materials for potential investors, preparation of the valuation of a company to determine the proposed offering price, assessment and support in the preparation of issue documentation. During the placement, we identify potential investors and conduct meetings and negotiations concerning the valuation of the company, financial conditions of an offer, and other parameters of the stock issue. Our role is to organize and coordinate the road show among potential investors and provide all information necessary to investors when making an investment decision. We supervise the process of effective Pre-IPO placement.

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