Mergers & Acquisitions

The development path leading to the acquisition of an entity or a merger with another business of a similar or complementary profile can significantly accelerate the growth of a company’s value. The sale of all or part of a company can release the funds needed for other investment purposes.

We cooperate with companies associated in M&A Worldwide- a global network of advisory companies that specialize in mergers, acquisitions and the sale of companies to ensure clients access to strategic advisors from around the world.

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”We were afraid of endless negotiations and paperwork when we began preparing the acquisition We engaged Capital One Advisers, with the expectation that they would help us in this arduous process. Thanks to their commitment we accomplished the project much faster than we expected. In addition, experts from Capital One Advisers enabled us to acquire external financing for the acquisition.”
CEO, Grupa Vectra S.A.

What we can do for you

Our mission, when involved in the process of selling a company (or part of a company), includes an analysis and definition of the optimum structure of a transaction. We prepare the agenda of the selling process, and then – with the assistance of our international contacts and specialized communication tools used in M&A transactions – conduct research aimed at selecting potential purchasers (investors). The next step is to prepare an Investment Memorandum. At this stage economic and financial analysis (vendor due diligence) is required. This analysis will be based on a financial model – created in close cooperation with the Client- that offers a forecast of a company’s performance over the next three to five years. All these elements, when combined, enable us to provide a valuation of a company. However, an adviser’s role does not end here. We continue to supervise the due diligence process (i.e. a company’s audit by the potential investor), and assist in the negotiating process – our active role ends here with the preparation of a Term Sheet. The last and most important step is our assistance in negotiation and providing advice when closing a sale agreement.

Advisory services in merger or acquisition transactions cover the preparatory process, valuation of companies in the potential merger or of the acquisition target, organization and supervision of the due diligence process, coordination and supervision of the work carried out by auditors and legal experts, provision of advice and  active participation in the subsequent negotiating process. Finally, we offer advice on the closure of a merger transaction, or the final negotiation stages and the signing of an acquisition/investment agreement.

We also offer specialist services in leveraged buy-out (LBO) and management buy-in/buy-out (MBI/MBO) transactions. Our services include the preparation of the transaction structure and verification of its economic feasibility, preparation of the Investment Memorandum, support in raising funds from financial institutions (banks, investment funds). Our role involves defining relations within a management group in the context of setting up an investment vehicle (SPV), preparing the respective bid and representing the management group in the negotiating process with owners and financial institutions. We undertake the coordination of the work of all parties involved in the finalization of a transaction (e.g. legal and tax advisers, banks).

Beneficial alternatives to organic growth?

In situations when a company experiences serious barriers to further organic growth and the market situation makes continued conventional approaches difficult, strong arguments emerge for a capital transaction such as a merger, an acquisition, the creation of a capital group or the sale of a company.

In such situations we assist our Clients in the preparation of a coherent development strategy that will align any such transactions with their long-term growth. We start with a series of analyses and offer advice in finding appropriate sources of financing. We then support and supervise the entire transaction process. Furthermore, we advise in specific situations, such as leveraged buy-outs (LBO) or management buy-ins/buy-outs (MBI/MBO).



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