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Nestmedic wants to debut on NewConnect in Q1 2017


Nestmedic – the author of a world scale innovative solution Pregnabit – wants to acquire sources for a foreign market expansion and further products development. As the company announced, subscriptions for shares that will be introduced on NewConnect will start in mid-December.

“Received funds from shares, Nestmedic is about to spend on sales growth in Poland and abroad. The company counts on obtaining 4 million polish zloty. Nestmedic is also planning to engage in developing a new version of Pregnabit device. They want to introduce totally new products which will complement the basic product offering” – following the announcement.

“The market of wireless and mobile solutions using in the healthcare sector is very absorptive and will growth on average 23% and 41% annually. We have modern and innovative devices which are going to conquer this market. Nevertheless, we shall not stop there. Prevention during pregnancy is not only about KTG. We have experience, excellent team of professionals and well thought-out business model. For sure we are going to use this background while designing and introducing new products to the market” – said PhD Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, who is responsible for this project.

Share subscriptions will start in mid-December and will last till end of the year. Private offering is aimed to both individual and institutional investors. The company will debut on NewConnect in Q1 2017, following the announcement.

“Our offer gives surgeon and patients the product connecting specialized, mobile medical device, cloud solutions and advanced algorithmics. We can say that we introduce cardiotocography into XXI century. During market research we observe a significant group of female patient having difficult experiences such as miscarriages or infertility. For those women Pregnabit is not only a permanent monitoring the condition of the embryo and current control but also a feeling of security and stability” – as Wizińska-Socha added.

Nestmedic has already received  CE certification and ISO 13485 which lets the company sell its product in the European Union. Moreover, they open Medyczne Centrum Telemonitoringu and soon they are going to start sales of its assortment via innovative subscription model.

“Taking into account the global development of telemedicine market, Nestmedic plans to sale not only in Poland but also in other countries. The company has started certification process on foreign markets and apply for the FDA certificate (Food and Drug Administration). The negotiations with global partners which let them to achieved all certifications have begun. One of the first clinics, testing Pregnabit system abroad will be renowned hospital in Germany”.

“Sales on foreign markets are really important for us. Cost of researches on global markets can be even four or even five times higher than in Poland. Additionally, they are partially reimbursed on some markets which means that States and Institutions understand the necessary of making prevention telemedicine activities and they are prone to invest in it. It is a huge chance for us because even now we see big interest of our solution from global partners. During last World Medica Fairs we had number of interesting discussions with distributors, who were interested in sale of our devices in the USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil and EU countries” – comments Vice-President PhD Anna Stokrotny.