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PEManagers funds sell shares in Grupa eBroker. Grupa Bauer Media is buyer.


Helix Ventures Partners FIZ (HVP), a fund managed by Grupa Private Equity Managers (PEManagers), is selling all the shares in Grupa eBroker. Grupa Bauer Media is the buyer.
The present owners signed a sale agreement for shares in MediaSoft Polska Sp. z o.o., a company functioning as Grupa eBroker. The funds managed by PEManagers sold all the held shares, being a majority in the initial capital of the company. The founder, Jacek Paciorek, also sold his shareholding. Grupa Bauer Media, a global media group which is highly active in the internet sector (the owner of Grupa is the buyer. The internal rate of return for this transaction reached over 60% for the funds managed by PEManagers.
Grupa eBroker has a very strong and established position on the online lead generation market in the efficient marketing model. It is a highly valuable database containing information about financial products – It creates and conducts around 200 of its own internet campaigns, thanks to which the company finds interested clients for the top financial institutions and publishes professionally the latest financial news, professional rankings, articles and columns prepared by experts in the industry. Credibility, accuracy and objectivity of the presented information is very important to it and for this reason it is easy for users to choose the offer that is best for them. HVP Fund invested in Grupa eBroker in 2010 and since that time it has started to expand rapidly. At the moment the group has a large mailing database of potential clients verified and interested in financial products and also offers a selection of over 70 financial products on the website.
Grupa is the main player on the internet market in Poland, being a part of Grupa Bauer Media. The group’s flagship product is the horizontal portal and the rest of the firm’s portfolio is made up of websites dedicated to particular topics, and the Semahead agency, as well as, a recently added tool for comparing insurance products. Grupa is also one of the biggest firms on the Polish online advertising market, and operating within it are the advertising networks AdStyle, TechnoAd and AdRetail.
– As a fund actively involved in building the value of portfolio companies, we provided support for Grupa eBroker in executing a strategy of consolidation as the leader on the online lead generation market. During our investment, we introduced solutions together with the founder, which made Grupa eBroker not only a leader in sales of financial products and services, but also a platform which is well developed technologically, upon which we can build a business on a larger scale – Łukasz Wierdak, Investment Director at Private Equity Managers S.A., said.

– By working with a fund, the Group not only deployed a series of solutions which made it possible to boost growth of the Group and which helped to monetize content more effectively, but the Group also gained an experienced investor in the sector, with which it will continue to expand rapidly – Jacek Paciorek, founder and chairman of Grupa eBroker, said.

– Increased security and trust in the Internet has led us to move more and more parts of life to the virtual world, including management of our finances. We see these trends, hence our decision to buy Grupa eBroker, and previously, making us a powerful player on the insurance and financial firm market – Artur Potocki, President of the Management Board of Grupa, said .

– Grupa eBroker is an example of perfect utilization of the potential created by working with a private equity/ venture capital fund. The capital received during the period of investment and the support provided by our experts allowed the Group to streamline business processes, work more closely with leading financial firms in Poland ,and significantly improve the business model. As a result, the value of the Group increased dynamically, and our funds achieved an IRR of over 60% on this investment – Fabian Bohdziul, manager of the fund Helix Ventures Partners FIZ, says.