Permissions & Membership

Capital One Advisers is a consulting company with a wide range of expertise in financial consulting for businesses. We support our Clients across the full spectrum of capital transactions. We offer effective advice on raising capital in private and public markets, the implementation of acquisitions, mergers and sales of businesses, obtaining debt financing for investment purposes, building capital groups, analysis and forecasting of financial results and their impact on the valuation of companies..

Recognition of the quality and effectiveness of our financial services in the public market is confirmed by our professional titles:

from 2009

As a member of the Polish Private Equity Association, we offer our Clients access to a wide range of private equity funds operating in Poland.

from 2011

The Warsaw Stock Exchange honored us with the title of SME Business Partner, which demonstrates our experience and competencies in conducting public offerings on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, while limiting at the same time the cost of issues.

from 2007
from 2009

Acting as the NewConnect Authorised Adviser and the Catalyst Authorised Adviser, we provide comprehensive services in raising capital and listing shares on the NewConnect market as well as issuing bonds and listing them on the Catalyst market. Over 30 completed projects in the area of non-public issuance of securities is  proof of the satisfaction of our Clients.


If you have any questions regarding our references, please call us at +48 508 111 974 or use this contact form.