When You Need An Adviser

If your company is contemplating any of the following: raising external financing, going public on the WSE or NewConnect market, acquiring another company or selling some or all of its business operations, it is worth considering the professional services of a dedicated financial adviser such as our company.

Market experience shows that these goals can be more easily and effectively achieved using the services of consultants, who, in close cooperation with a company and its owners will prepare, conduct, and supervise the entire process associated with a potential transaction. Our good relations with financial institutions, flexible approach to customer needs, experience and expertise, and our comprehensive scope of advisory services ensure that cooperation with Capital One Advisers will produce considerable benefits for your company.

Together we can achieve more

What we bring to cooperation with our Clients is not only our experience and know-how, but also an extensive set of tools employed to analyze and evaluate businesses and help them to access financing from the mostly adequate source and on the best possible terms. Our Clients primarily expect us to protect their interests throughout the entire process of raising funds and closing a transaction. Furthermore, they can expect overall support from us in the planning and execution of long-term growth strategies.

We are focused on results. Our Client’s success is our personal success.

Benefits for our Clients

In many aspects of the process, Capital One Advisers assumes most of the duties of a company Board, its CFO and owners. Our advisory experience and expertise ensure significant benefits for each company that cooperates with us.

Raising external financing is a complex transaction that requires expertise in financial analysis, an understanding of company valuation techniques and investment criteria, and an awareness of the legal and tax regulatory frameworks. The execution of any transaction also requires appropriate market relationships and a significant dedication of time. Capital One Advisers can help you choose the form of financing best suited to your needs.

The main advantages of our assistance as advisers in a capital transaction are as follows:

  • significant unburdening of the Client’s management, owners and financial department; choosing an optimal solution and tailoring it to a Client’s needs;
  • access to our know-how and market relationships, including contacts in the financial and business environment;
  • acquiring external expertise and a dedicated coordinator for the process;
  • increasing a Client’s credibility in the eyes of prospective external partners (investors, bankers and other capital market institutions);
  • saving time;
  • maximizing the possibility of achieving a desired goal.

What we bring to projects with our Clients is not only our knowledge and experience, which promotes a beneficial equity transaction, the proper valuation and analysis of a company or in raising external financing from selected institutions under optimum conditions. Additional advantages for a Client of Capital One Advisers include:

  • a unique relationship with banks, international investment funds, national investment funds and professional investors in Poland and abroad;
  • access to the global network M&A Worldwide,
  • flexible selection of other professional partners in the implementation of advisory projects;
  • experience and expertise gained while working on projects in multiple sectors;
  • a comprehensive range of advisory services to the Board of Directors and owners;
  • competitive conditions for our services, in keeping with international standards;
  • a strong culture of cooperation, flexibility and an atmosphere of partnership;
  • credibility and reliability, as confirmed by our Customers.

If you have any questions regarding our references, please call us at +48 508 111 974 or use this contact form..