General Information Overview

Capital One Advisers has been a licensed Authorized Adviser on both the NewConnect stock market and the Catalyst bond market since their establishment.

The alternative trading system NewConnect is a market aimed at experienced investors who expect high returns and accept higher risks on their investments.

”The strength of Capital One Advisers are the people who work there. Their knowledge and expertise have allowed us to not only raise capital for further development, but to introduce the company to the next level of business. Although there were moments in which advisers’ expectations were perceived as excessive, we feel positive results in every aspect of their work.”
CEO, Krynicki Recykling S.A.

Promising investment prospects

NewConnect is a platform that provides access to niche, dynamic and dynamically growing projects that previously were not available to a wide range of investors. NewConnect offers the opportunity to invest in small and medium size entities that operate in attractive and innovative industries. Investments in such projects may generate very high returns in the future. However, they are subject to high risk with regard to the execution of plans and future results. The NewConnect market gives investors the chance to co-finance innovative companies and their business projects in order to be able to share in the benefits of their rapid growth. During trading sessions, the liquidity of shares listed on NewConnect is supported and sustained by market makers. For many companies, launching on NewConnect will be just one stage of their development, with the eventual conclusion being a debut on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

For each project presented to investors interested in NewConnect companies, Capital One Advisers produces an in-depth analysis of the financial standing and plans of an issuer. A full valuation of shares is provided with the help of analytical tools that are more normally used in IPOs on the main market of the WSE or by professional equity funds. We pay special attention to the thorough verification of forecasts prepared by company Boards and the implementation of corporate governance and current and periodic reporting standards.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current NewConnect and Catalyst market projects.

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